Angels Services, Corp.
Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is to offer the individuals support with our commitment of quality care, abiding by one of the most emphatic principles on which this agency is founded and that is unconditional Respect toward every individual we come in contact with. Thus we consider that our care meets the physical, emotional, psychosocial and mental needs of the individual. This is reflected in the way our services are provided, the relationship established with individuals, families and coordinators to maintain a personal center approach and to achieve the individual personal outcome with everybody help and support.
Our Job
It is our job to integrate the individuals that we provide services for in the community, and to promote independence with a personal center approach based on the individuals needs.

To accomplish this, we must work as a team and help the individual that we provide services for, to focus in their abilities and their personal outcome instead of their disability.

10650 W State Road 84, Suite 206, Davie, FL - Florida, 33324, United States
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